Spot Argentina Comicon 2018 – IX edition

Argentina Comiccon is one of the most important events in Argentine pop culture and one of the most anticipated. With two annual deliveries, 200,000 visitors, 6 pavilions, more than 200 exhibitors and 150 national and international artists on stage, essential events for adults and children came. Its family character and its variety of activities range […]

Supanova 2009

This is a documentary created by Katie and Charmaine for a school film & TV placement. All of this footage was filmed Saturday, April 4, 2009 at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, QLD. For more information on Supanova see Thanks to everyone who participated in doing so. 🙂

Animania Trelè

SOME PEOPLE ARE ANIMATE FANS. AND SOME ARE ANIMATED PERSONAL !! From wearing costumes to their favorite characters, to living out the fantasy worlds of conventions, this documentary explores what anime means to the future of pop culture. Distributed by Tubemogul.

HOBBYCON 2013 Highlights

HobbyCon combines the best of pop culture from East and West, uniting the world of comics, anime, Japanese comics, toys and figurines as well as collectibles and toys. The aim of this event is to gather enthusiasts around Sabah, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur and Brunei and act as a platform for young people to show their […]

NHK “Document 72 Hours” Comiket convenience store and legendary arcade special feature broadcast all at once –

NHK’s documentary program “Document 72 hoursHas announced the lineup of “Midnight Ikkimi! Matsuri” which will be broadcast from 23:31 on August 16th (Monday). Under the title of “Deep 5 Selection”, five of the past broadcasts, “Convenience store at the summer Comiket venue”, “Legendary game center”, “Cosplay specialty building”, “Showa Kayo record shop”, and “Sabage field” […]

Yuya Tegoshi “Evangelion” Kaworu Nagisa “Cosplay is a world-class culture” –

Former member of the idol group NEWSYuya TegoshiAppeared as a secret support guest of “World Cosplay Summit 2021” held from August 7th to 8th. Popular character of the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”Kaworu NagisaShowed off her cosplay appearance. [12 images]Mr. Tegoshi’s cosplay figure that excited the venue with a high degree of perfection Yuya Tegoshi “Cosplay […]

Enako, a photo book without any cosplay The royal road to challenge with the best “elementary enako” in history –

The cover of 15 magazines, Jack, is also a hot topic cosplayer.EnakoWill release the first photo book without cosplay “OFF COSTUME” on September 21st (Tuesday). The first photo book of “Genuine Enako” who literally doesn’t wear costumes includes the appearance of Enako in almost no makeup. A cameraman known for shooting “Passport” (Mai Shiraishi), “Intermission” […]

Enako x Marine Houshou, Moe Iori x Shirogane Noel “Yangjan” Holo Live Collaboration –

“” Released on August 5th (Thursday)Weekly Young Jump]Seven Net limited benefits are released.Holo liveAnd management companyPPECollaboration clear files of affiliated members are lined up. I collaborated withEnakoWithMarine HoushouMr. Miss,Moe IoriWithNoel ShiroganeMr. Miss,Kokoro ShinozakiWithShirakami FubukiMr. Miss,Saki MiyamotoWithTokino SoraMr. Miss,ManatsuWithMinato AquaA total of 10 people. In addition to the clear file that everyone gathered, reservations for “Weekly […]

Enako, cover of 15 magazines in a month Jack (probably) the first feat in the gravure

Cosplayers·EnakoAppeared on the cover of 15 magazines in August. Titled “Enako Summer Cover Jack Capane“Starts. This project crosses multiple publishers, starting with “Bessatsu Young Champion” and “Manga Action” released on August 3rd, and ending with “FLASH” released on August 31st. Out of all 15 magazines, all 13 application tickets targeted for the campaign were collected, […]