DMM scratch of the short animation “Irodori Midori” will be on sale from January 5, 2022! A large lineup of limited-edition illustration goods | Gamer, a game information site

In commemoration of the anime broadcast, the short animation “Irodori Midori” has appeared in the online lottery service “DMM Scratch” without losing. There is a lineup of prizes that can only be obtained here using limited-edition illustrations, which will be on sale from January 5th. In addition, the animation will be broadcast on YouTube premiere […]

“I tasted a lot this year” Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto appeared in “Tokyo Sake Festival 2021” (December 19, 2021) | BIGLOBE News

Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto updated her Twitter on December 16th and showed off shots of “Tokyo Sake Festival 2021”.Miyamoto appeared on the first day of “Tokyo Sake Festival 2021” held on that day. “I tasted a lot this year, the tasting corner was more powerful than last year !!!” “IWC Champion’Mikozuru’was really delicious … (I bought […]

Shohei Urakawa of THE RAMPAGE has been appointed as the new official ambassador for “ETERNAL”! An official live broadcast where you can play games together will be delivered on December 20 | Game information site Gamer

To commemorate this, it has been decided that an official live broadcast will be broadcast from 20:00 on December 20th, where you can play the game with Shohei Urakawa, and a campaign to win the autographed Shikishi of Shohei Urakawa is also being held. Let’s play “ETERNAL” with Shohei Urakawa!Official live broadcast delivered on December […]

Roxy’s pendant, a set for spending the night with Ellis, is now available as a new item for the TV anime “Mushoku Tensei-If you go to another world, you’ll be serious”! | Game information site Gamer

December 12, 2021 (Sun) 25:00 ~ January 10, 2022 (Month) 23:59 ・ Set to spend the night with Ellis / Delivered in March 2022 ・ Dakimakura cover Ellis Lingerie Ver./Delivered in March 2022 ・ Scent of Ellis (Eau de Toilette) / Delivered in March 2022 ・ Roxy pendant / delivered in April 2022 Mushoku […]

Really held for the first time in about 2 years! “Wonder Festival 2022[Winter]” will be held at Makuhari Messe on February 6, 2022 | Game information site Gamer

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, “Wonder Festival” has not been held in real life for about two years. This time, we will introduce five new elements to enhance entertainment and enjoy the event as well as safe and secure operation. Check the following for details. Wonder Festival that continues to evolve! Introducing […]

A collaboration event with the TV anime “Kaginado” will be held at “Grumiku”! Implemented “Tori no Uta” in the original song | Game information site Gamer

“Kaginado” collaboration event “DJ etc.” will be held! “Kaginado” x “Grumiku” collaboration event, “DJ etc.” will be held! Characters of “Kaginado” collaborating at the event Tsukimiya Ayu Noumi Kudryavka Kobe bird Furukawa Nagisa ★ 3[Sakura no Kizuna]Mimu Sakurada (+ Nagisa Furukawa) Event period: Saturday, December 4th, 12:00 to Friday, December 10th, 20:59 A collaboration limited […]

A collaboration event “Snow Festival” will be held in which cosplayer Moe Iori appears as a UR human resource at “President Onegai”! | Game information site Gamer

Limited event “Snow Festival” held Today (December 1, 2021), we have reached the beginning of winter! To commemorate the early winter, we have prepared various contents such as holding a “Snow Festival” event and distributing commemorative limited items with gratitude to the presidents! Please enjoy it! Limited event period December 1 (water) ~ December 12 […]

Ainosuke Kataoka Happy with realistic cosplay[Entertainment](November 26, 2021) | BIGLOBE News

The latest movie “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” depicting Spider-Man’s nemesis, Venom. The Japanese dubbed version special preview event was held, and ambassador Matsuya Onoe and Shoko Nakagawa who acted as dubbing appeared. Moreover! The role of Venom, the deadliest enemy Carnage, which has been a mystery until now, is announced today.that is··· Mr. Kataoka […]

“Artery Gear -Mobile Senki-” is available today! Moe Iori, Manatsu, and Kokoro Shinozaki are appointed as official cosplayers | Game information site Gamer

At the same time, it is clear that cosplayers Moe Iori, Manatsu, and Kokoro Shinozaki have been appointed as official cosplayers. Also, from November 26th, a swimsuit costume decision voting event will be held by 6 beautiful girl characters. Popular cosplayers Moe Iori, Manatsu, and Kokoro Shinozaki are appointed as official cosplayers! Moe Iori, Manatsu, […]