New animated visual for Sheff G!

The Brooklyn rapper continues to surprise and hit the mark. Originally from New York, the rapper who celebrated his 23rd birthday on September 23rd gives us a new clipped single, “Drum Dummy”. Driven by a powerful and logical buzz for a few months, and since Sheff G showed us that we can drill by removing […]

Andy Kayes – How Long (Official)

‘How Long’ took to Andy Kayes ’next album‘ Citizen Kayes ’Production ENEMY Films / Kayes Production directed by Jac Vocal: Andy Kayes Composer: Bonetrips & Chicho Cortez Mix / Mastering: Bonetrips & Tony Tandoory @ Studio Polycarpe (www .studiopolycarpe .com) With: Andy Kayes Rodolphe Rosas Rico Cicarelli Christian Benjamin Dolard Christophe Balme Hélène Veilleux Julien […]

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