2022 Winter Anime, 15 Recommended Works Selected by Writers! “Kimetsu no Yaiba” “Detective Conan Police School Edition” “The Tale of the Heike” etc. | numan

2022.01.24publish/ 2022.01.24renew From the sequel to popular titles such as “Devil’s Blade Yukaku Hen”, “Vanitas’s Note”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean”, “Advance Giant The Final Season Part 2”, and “Detective Conan Police School Hen Wild Police Story” 15 winter animations that will start broadcasting in January 2022, recommended by numan writers, including new works such […]

Notice and apology for changing the broadcast time of the TV anime “Requiem of the Rose King” | V-STORAGE[Official]

news| News (BV breaking news) 2021.7.2 UP TV animation scheduled to be broadcast in the fall of 2021“Requiem of the Rose King”Regarding, due to production reasonsBroadcast time changed to January 2022I will do it. Details of the broadcast schedule will be announced on the official anime website, official Twitter, etc. as soon as they are […]