Tomoe & Caitlyn: Battle Royal – (Fantasy Mashup Short)

“Tomoe & Caitlyn” is a real real action “Fantasy Mashup” —short with typical animated elements. The characters “Officer Caitlyn” from MOBA games “The Legendary League” and “Mami Tomoe” from the anime / manga “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” have been combined with other fantasy elements from various films and Japanese anime create this special fantasy mashup. […]

Oz Funny Con – This is me

Oz Comic Con Brisbane 2018 Music (c) The Greatest Showman ‘This is Me’ – Keala Settle — Massive thankyou to my 1st AC Jarod Saunders – you are the MAN, and I appreciate everything you do. Krystal Shuttleworth, actor, AD and expert wrangler – you keep me on track, Lady! Volare Productions & Ami Ph […]