Sci Fi Anime TV Show

The beautifully crafted worlds of sci-fi animated television explore daunting philosophical issues in compelling storylines and insane imagery. Each selection on the list is a prime example of the genre’s ability to top difficult topics, and it is sure to stir deliberation. Read more: Official Futurism website:

Sci Fi Anime Films

The graphic nature of animated sci-fi movies allows them to take you into world unlike what they find anywhere else. Animation provides the perfect format for creating expansive and complex worlds and narratives, colliding in a crescendo of action. Read more: Official Futurism website:

Ski Fi Anime Robo

Japan may not have originated the representation of the giant robot in the media, but they certainly bring it to the forefront of pop culture. Sci fi animated robots have become a national institution, fascinating people around the world. Read more: Official Futurism website: