Seattle vs Los Angeles – Episode 1/2

Episode 2: Enter Jordan as he finds once and for all the most friendly city; Seattle, WA, where he was born, or Los Angeles, CA, where he now resides. It won’t be easy but Jordan just forced enough to try. NEXT EPISODE: For previous cosplay episodes and other editions: isBreakingDown

Seattle Fur Adventures 2016

Just match many moments from their adventures with friends! hope we all enjoyed it! and thanks everyone! was in the company. ~ Matris / @RaisedBydogs ~ nightdragon0 ~ Blusicurl ~ vinvertigo / @vin_vertigo ~ Me. Birty ————– FA: Birty Twitter: Germancioh Song: Vance Joy – Riptile

2018 Emerald City Comic Con – Video Recap

Emerald City Comic Con is the first comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest, taking place in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. Emerald City Comicon: ReedPOP: Seattle Video Productions: Music: “Billion Stars” by Remembering the Future. Fully licensed and used with permission from Premium Beats.

Sakura-Con | 2017

The first time I attended this event was in Seattle. People here would be a director’s dream. They were all lit when the camera was on. But above all, everyone was so kind there and it was a safe place to be who you want to be without judging them. Love it! Music Axol & […]

Cosplay hacks with Meris Mullaley

Ever since Meris Mullaley sewed her first Halloween costume in college — a combination of convicted Princess Anck Su Namun from the 1999 ‘The Mummy’ and the Egyptian hieroglyphics she studied in her archeology course — she has found ways to wear her geekiness on her sleeve.

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