This project was developed during a two-week workshop regarding three-dimensional basics in media space. The whole project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hern√°ndez-Castro. The task was to develop a facial sketch projection that can be changed by defined gestures using the Growth Motion Controller and JavaScript as programming language. choose this topic We started […]

The man is overwhelmed

Suguru Goto L’homme transcend√© Date: September 20, 2009, Sunday 19.00 Location: concert stage, warehouse, Kiev, Ukraine Suguru Goto (Concept, Music and Max / MSP / Jitter) Shu Okuno (BodySuit I Performance: Dance, Mime) Bijuree ( BodySuit II Performance: Dance, Mime) Japan Electronics College (3D image support and cooperation) Shinji Sasada (3D image direction) Yuuta Ishii […]