Hezelith (KAIJU) – What a message

Written, composed and arranged by Hezelith & Ram Products and directed by Hezelith & Ram www.hezelith.com [中文歌词/ English translation] I don’t know how to let you know that although writing is my strong point and my friendship with Santa Claus may not go where you are, it’s okay .. I pick up the green crayons […]

Singapore ComiFest 2014 – Teaser Video.mov

“Like” us now at on.fb.me/1tnvPE7! FUMhouse Productions is proud to be one of the official media partners for Singapore ComiFest 2014 (sgcomifest.com)! FUMhouse Productions – we make your videos viral, fun, unique, and memorable. Music Clip Kouhei Tanaka – Oitsumerareta (One Piece) Yasuharu Takanashi – Reverse Situation (Naruto Shippuuden) Harder Better Faster Stronger-AMV Yoshihisa Hirano […]

Motordrive Moving Image + Timelapse Panorama

Most of the things here I shot years ago (2006 + 2007), except for the workshop stage of the begaining (2010). No lights used, just 2 foldable reflectors and avalible lights. pre 5d mark the 2 days. Everything here is shot with steady, no h.264 compression.Panorama does not shoot up with a fisheye lens. The […]