Orders for Kyoko Hori & Izumi Miyamura coach jackets for the TV anime “Horimiya” have started! !!At “AMNIBUS”, which sells original anime and manga goods | Press release of arma bianca Co., Ltd.

Alma Bianca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomonari Sakai) is a mail-order site that develops original goods based on the concept of “can be used in everyday life”. We started accepting orders from Wednesday, July 28th. https://amnibus.com/products/title/660?utm_source=press ▼ Kyoko Hori & Izumi Miyamura coach jacket The design is laid out with the hands and […]

Realize Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) announced “[Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” on Animo, an EC site specializing in anime and manga, from July 31st to August 12th. ]Zip Parker Memory Snow Ver. (Manufacturer: COSPA)]is now available for pre-order! ◆ “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” Emilia Zip Parker Memory […]

The theme song for the mini anime “Puchimiku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix” “Puchimiku Perchiny!” Is now on sale! | Press release of Bushiroad Co., Ltd.

The theme song for the mini anime “Puchimiku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix” “Puchimiku Perchiny!” Has been released on each music distribution site from today. In addition to the familiar ending “Puchimiku Perchiny! (Anime Ver.)”, The D4DJ ALL STARS version of “Puchimiku Perchiny!” Sung by all 24 people is also being distributed at the same time. […]

The contents of the anime “Hetalia World Stars” character song & drama Vol.2 have been released! | Press release of Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.

The original is a popular comic by Hidekazu Himaruya, which is serialized in “Jump +” and has exceeded 600,000 copies in total. It restarted from April 1, 2021, and in the final episode of the distribution, “#Earth Marugoto Hetalia” became the second largest trend in Japan, and new information from the popular anime “Hetalia World […]

We are accepting reservations for the Blu-ray Disc BOX of the TV anime “Fate / Apocrypha” and the original soundtrack with AmiAmi limited benefits !! | Press release of Oami Co., Ltd.

AmiAmi, a major hobby mail order company operated by Oami Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), comes with AmiAmi limited benefits.『Fate/Apocrypha Blu-rayBox StandardEdition+OriginalSoundtrack 2-piece set “Is currently accepting reservations. ■ Attention point “Fate / Apocrypha Blu-rayBox Standard Edition + Original Soundtrack 2-piece set”We are accepting reservations with AmiAmi limited benefits! As a privilege“Illustration card calendar 12 […]

Commemorating the airing of the new TV anime “Getter Robo Ark”! e. “Getter Robo ART JAM 2021” held at department store | Press release of Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.

[Overview of “Getter Robo ART JAM 2021”] ■ Sales period: July 31st (Sat) 10: 00-August 8th (Sun) ■ Sales location: Seibu / Sogo’s official shopping site “e. Department store” ■ Assortment: 27 types in total ■URL:https://edepart.omni7.jp/brand/005683 [Example of products for sale] Medicom Toy / Getter 1 (Trainer Ver.) / 9,000 yen Araiki Riko / Okami-kun […]

Started accepting orders for trading acrylic chains (BOX) and trading can badges (BOX) for the TV anime “Sword Art Online”! Puni this! Key chains (with stand) are now on sale! | Press release of Azmaker Co., Ltd.

▼ Reservations are being accepted at “Chara ON!”https://www.charaon.jp/SHOP/130421/158121/list.html 【Product list】 “Trading Acrylic Chain vol.1 (BOX)” “Trading Acrylic Chain vol.2 (BOX)” “Trading Can Badge vol.1 (BOX)” “Punikore! Trading Acrylic Chain vol.1 (BOX) ■ Price: 4620 yen (tax included) ■ All 7 types, blind specifications ■ Size: Approximately 55mm ■ Material: Acrylic * With ball chain Trading […]

Pre-order sales start from July 20th!

Realize Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) will be posting “Soft Clear Charm TV Anime” Umamusume Pretty “on Animo, an EC site specializing in anime and manga, from July 20th to July 23rd. “Derby Season 2” (manufacturer: Bell House) “will be available for pre-order! Soft Clear Charm TV Anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2” / […]