Spanish male teachers wearing skirts

This is how they show solidarity with the boy who was fired last year for wearing a skirt at class. Several Spanish male teachers also started wearing skirts, thus showing solidarity with the boy who was fired last year for appearing in a skirt in a class – wrote a Bored Panda. The performance is […]

Spanish teachers teaching in skirts –

Stereotypes around gender are sought to be dispelled by Spanish (male) teachers who they go to teach in skirts. A whole movement was organized around the idea The clothes have no gender, they even have a hashtag, the #laropanotienegenero – writes the LADBible. The two leaders of the movement, 37-year-old Manuel Ortega and 36-year-old Borja […]

Harley Quinn cosplay by Trina Lucas

Check out my newly completed commission, Harley Quinn at the Arkham Asylum video game. I use the art video game with official DC action figures as reference. Complete outfit includes gloves, pleated skirt, belt, nurse blouse, nurse hat, two-color bra, choker, and faux-corset. This comfortable suit is easy to get into, easy to clean, and […]