Another offer for Genshin impact fans

This time there is a chance that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Genshin Impact Edition will not only be available in Korea. This year, you can choose from a large number of special editions from various brands, which typically bring an iconic anime series or popular video game to life on smartphones and accessories. Until […]

The OnePlus Ace Pro received a special edition

From the name, we can conclude that the Genshin Impact Limited Edition will probably only be available in China. Hirdetés The OnePlus 10T was launched in China under the name Ace Pro, it is likely Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition nor will he leave his country. Regardless, the manufacturer has put together a showy […]

Realme GT Neo 3T – reheated pizza

The Realme GT Neo 3T is a fair piece of work, but if we compare it to its predecessor, only the charging has become faster and the operating system is a generation newer. And of that there is a Dragon Ball Z special edition. Which is cool. Hirdetés [+] There is no need to fear […]

Mobile phone battery life for 2 weeks. IBM Samsung developed VTFET chip technology: performance increased by 200%-IBM, CPU processor, smart phone-Fast Technology (Media under Drivehome)-Technology changes the future

At present, the semiconductor process has developed to5nm, Samsung and TSMC will be rushing next year3nmThe craftsmanship is launched, and there will be2nmCraftsmanship, and later1nmThe node is again a watershed, requiring brand-new semiconductor technology. IBM, Samsung and other companies announced the world’s first2nmProcess chip, now both parties are inIEDM 2021The latest cooperation results were announced […]