TikTok viral: young man cosplays Tuxedo Mask and plays the opening of Sailor Moon in the Mexican style | Videos | Mexico | Social media

Social networks have become platforms where many can show their talents. Recently, on TikTok, a mariachi became a trend thanks to the fact that he recreated openings from different productions such as “Sailor Moon”, “Dragon Ball Z” it is included “Naruto”. In addition to how exciting most of the chapters are, “Sailor Moon” It has […]

Akatsuki establishes a local subsidiary and makes a full-scale entry into the Indian market, starting to expand into emerging markets for Japanese anime and characters | TechCrunch Japan

An entertainment company that develops its business as an “IP producing company centered on games”AkatsukiAnnounced the establishment of a subsidiary, Akatsuki India Privete Limited, which will be a strategic business base in India on September 22nd. Started business in the Indian market using Japanese anime and characters. Akatsuki is a fund for entertainment, media, and […]