Did you imagine them?: This is what Gabriel Boric, Michelle Bachelet and Camila Vallejo would look like in an anime version

This morning, a Twitter user identified as Sr. Bra (@mrbra312) went viral on the social network by revealing what certain Chilean political figures would look like in anime version. As he explained in his Twitter thread, the anime version of the President Gabriel Boric, Minister Camila Vallejos y former president Michelle Bachelet were transformed by […]

The philosophy of Jencarlos Canela

An internationally famous actor and singer who cares a little less about success and the charts than before. A celebrity who decides that he doesn’t have to be feeding his social networks daily. The above may seem contradictory, after all, many of those who crave success and fame do so with platinum records and awards […]

viral video | They recreate Túpac Amaru’s death and it goes viral: “the most realistic cosplay” | TikTok | Peru | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

July is the month where Peru celebrates its National Holidays and the activities include, among other things, the civic-military parade which is carried out in different ways in various cities and towns of the South American country, but, recently, it became trend the video where the death of Túpac Amaru, one of the heroes of […]