Anime banned in Russia was used for a political race

The anime banned in Russia became an advertisement for the presidential elections in Honduras. The anime banned in Russia became an advertisement for the presidential elections in Honduras. In Honduras, symbols from the Death Note anime were used to draw the attention of the electorate to the elections. The omnipotence of the “death note” from […]

Enako, a cosplayer, is appointed as the official ambassador for “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”! !! : Isa!

Tokyo eSports Festa 2022 Management Office Tokyo eSports Festa 2022: Enako, a cosplayer, has been appointed as the official ambassador of the event “Tokyo eSports Festa 2022”, which consists of eSports competitions and related industry exhibitions, with the aim of popularizing eSports and promoting related industries. So I will inform you. The official ambassador […]

Shandong issued a notice to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and will fully cover the discharge of non-central heating households-Shandong-Shunnet News

As the heating season is approaching, the Office of the Safety Committee of the Shandong Provincial Government issued a notice on November 8 to require strict implementation of territorial management responsibilities, especially the implementation of the main responsibilities of towns (subdistricts) and villages (communities). Resolutely prevent the occurrence of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents to ensure […]

Korea IT Vocational School Animation Department, Recruitment of new students for 2022 before the SAT

Provided by Korea IT Vocational School [쿠키뉴스] Reporter Lee Young-soo = The Department of Animation is providing systematic education with a curriculum and specialized educational equipment to nurture webtoon and animation experts. In the metaverse era, companies are discussing specific cooperation plans for content business, such as metaverse operation plans, and schools are expanding opportunities […]

Scary pictures: can children watch anime

Death Note, Spirited Away, Psychic Wars and others are the names of Japanese cartoons that are popular among teenagers. Often this animation differs from others in the frankness and ruthlessness of the frames. But can it negatively affect the psyche of children and encourage cruelty? The father of a 13-year-old girl from Aktobe, who jumped […]

Next month, go to the art fair to appreciate the famous masterpieces and sculptor Xun Hongyan will bring many fine carvings-Jinan Society-Shun Net News

The nuclear sculpture works of sculptor Xun Hongyan Nuclear carving is China’s intangible cultural heritage and a traditional folk craft. Speaking of the connection with art, Xun Hongyan said that she is fortunate to be a small sculptor who can express and express life in the form of sculpture art. November 18-21, 2021, organized by […]