“V-shaped swimsuit is my favorite” | GirlsNews

Todo Weekend idols from the University of Tokyo, Tomo Todo, 2nd DVD “Please like you. ](Line Communications) is released. A commemorative event was held on the 29th at Sofmap AKIBA PC Digital Hall. Mr. Todo, who is a super-intelligent graduate of Sakurain Gakuen and has an outstanding style, works as an office lady on weekdays […]

Momoka Hayashida fascinates boys with a high-leg swimsuit with a tremendous angle ⁉︎ “I enjoyed my first cosplay” | GirlsNews

Momoka Hayashida Ms. Momoka Hayashida, a gravure idol known as “Reiwa’s high-leg princess,” released the DVD “Furimuite! An event to commemorate the release of “Moka-sensei” was held at Sofmap AKIBA PC Digital Hall on the 16th. This film, shot in Miyakojima in August, tells the story of Momoka Hayashida becoming a school teacher and getting […]