Sci Fi Anime TV Show

The beautifully crafted worlds of sci-fi animated television explore daunting philosophical issues in compelling storylines and insane imagery. Each selection on the list is a prime example of the genre’s ability to top difficult topics, and it is sure to stir deliberation. Read more: Official Futurism website:

Test Tournament Best Original Anime

91 days, ID Invasion, Agent of paranoia, Aggressive Retsuko, Alphabet of flowers, Academy of witches, Akuduma drive, Aldnoa zero, Angelic rhythms, White box, Vivi Song of the fluorite eye, Reborn, Wolf rain, Eastern eden, Gurren laggan, Madoka sorceress girl, Decadence, Evangelion, Zombieland saga, From tomorrow of a colorful world, K, Kabaneri of the iron fortress, […]