The Japan Touch is coming to Lyon this weekend!

For two days, Asian culture will be honored with many activities, guests, bonsai, arts and traditions, gift ideas, and stands around well-being and travel. Mode Kawaii It will be about Pop culture with many workshops. Fashion will also be at the center of this festival, with in particular an unprecedented parade of cosplayers to unveil […]

Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier. In Bel Air, manga was in the spotlight with the young people of the territory.

“We wanted for today, to open up to Japanese culture”, said Marie-Charlotte Fournier, Childhood Youth Manager at LiffrĂ©-Cormier. The Japanese Manga comic project has started since June and had a lot of content. The community of communes with its network of media libraries and its Espaces Jeunes, organized several games workshops, in particular Japanese, initiation […] – Ferrara newspaper

Kleb Basket Ferrara, D’Auria gives the scepter to Marco Miozzi From today at Kleb Basket Ferrara Marco Miozzi takes on the position of chairman of the board of directors of the company The Eagles confirm coach Mike Faragalli at the helm of the team The Eagles take the first step to prepare for the 2023 […]

Walking – A refuge on the “moon”

One of the pleasures of going to the mountains, as well as the journey in and of itself, immersed in the wild nature of the wooded green or in direct contact with the bare and rough rock, it is certainly the sharing of these moments. Often along the way, anime montane they greet each other, […]

The passion for comics and manga to fight against FAS

On the program, signings with artists from Reunion such as TM, Piment zoiseau, Staark, Giovannoni and Le Cri du Margouillat. Coming from the Indian Ocean basin, illustrators from Madagascar and even South Africa will also travel. Who says manga event, necessarily says cosplay contest! Bring out your best homemade disguises. The list of activities is […]