Ryota Katayose acclaims ZAZY cosplay with outstanding style “Long legs!” “Egg!” | Variety | ABEMA TIMES

[Video]Ryota Katayose’s style makes people say “Egg!” »  Ryota Katayose presents a collaboration story with comedian ZAZY. He stood on the stage in a bright pink costume, which is indispensable for ZAZY’s material, but in response to his appearance, the audience was surprised one after another, saying, “Your legs are beautiful.” [Video]The voice of Ryota […]

Cosplayer Yuian, “Magic Round Battle” Self-portrait shot dressed as Gojo Satoru is a topic of “precious of precious” | News | ABEMA TIMES

China-born cosplayer Yui An is the hit manga “Posted a selfie dressed as Gojo Satoru, who appears in Jujutsu Kaisen, on his Instagram. The high-quality finish that reproduces even the white eyelashes has been praised from all over the world. [Video]Animation “Jujutsu Kaisen” Season 1 Gege Akutami’s manga “Jujutsu Kaisen”, which is serialized in “Weekly […]

Mikami Yua, confessing the past about picking up Shibuya Halloween “Extraordinary burns in reverse” | Variety | ABEMA TIMES

 『New York Love Market”, sexy actress Yua Mikami talks about her memories of Halloween, and Hiromasa Yashiki from New York asks, “Will you follow me if I pick you up?” Mikami revealed, “I have followed him” and “Extraordinary things are on the contrary,” and the men were excited. In addition, she also showed a cosplay […]

Eimi Fukada transforms into “Chainsaw Man” Makima! ‘It’s super cute’ and ‘Is it the best masterpiece?’ | News | ABEMA TIMES

Eimi Fukada, a sexy talent, is a popular manga “A cosplay shot of Makima, who appears in “Chainsaw Man”, has been released. [Video]Anime “Chainsaw Man” “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which is serialized in “Shonen Jump +” (Shueisha), is a huge hit with a cumulative circulation of over 20 million copies. The story begins with […]

Animation “Berserk Golden Age Hen” 9th episode, Guts and Casca’s “reunion” impressed voices one after another “What a peaceful and beautiful time” | News | ABEMA TIMES

animation”Berserk Golden Age Hen MEMORIAL EDITION” episode 9, the main character Guts (CV: Hiroaki Iwanaga) and the heroine Casca (CV: Toa Yukinari) reunite. The two people, who share their thoughts, are getting a lot of feedback saying, “I finally understand each other.” [Video]Guts and Casca share their feelings (around 14:55~) The anime is based on […]

“People who come to donki for shopping” “people who spill” … too surreal “sober Halloween” 2022 infiltration | Variety | ABEMA TIMES

Do you know the “Simple Halloween” that has secretly attracted attention for the first time in three years that there are no action restrictions? Aired on November 28thABEMA “Ura Payslip” sneaked into such a plain Halloween event. [Video]Shibuya Halloween for the first time in 3 years “Simple Halloween” is an event in which people dress […]

Yumi Muto, a Seven item bought by imitating a student in the store “Let’s recommend it to Moto-chan!” | Topics | ABEMA TIMES

Mrs. Model’sYumi Muto updated her ameblo on the 25th. She published the items she bought at the convenience store “Seven-Eleven” imitating the students who were in her store. [Video]Ammika reveals couple’s “Disney cosplay” on their wedding anniversary On this day, Muto explained, along with a photo, “I had a ‘Sweet Poterine’ that I bought at […]

Cosplayer Rakuko Raku praises fans for her new shot dressed as “ Chainsaw Man ” Makima “ Cool cute ” “ Too perfect! ” | News | ABEMA TIMES

Chinese-born cosplayer Rakuko posted a hit manga “Makima’s cosplay that appears in “Chainsaw Man” has been released. [Video]Anime “Chainsaw Man” “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which is serialized in “Shonen Jump +” (Shueisha), is a huge hit with a cumulative circulation of over 20 million copies. The story begins with Denji, a boy who lives […]

Cosplayer Shokora reproduces Senzoku Nishiki from “Lycoris Recoil”! Voices of ‘too cute’ and ‘very attractive and the best’ | News | ABEMA TIMES

Cosplayer Shokora is a popular anime “Licorice Recoil” posted on Instagram that she dressed as Senzoku Nishikigi, the main character. Broadcast from July to September 2022, “Lycoris Recoil” is an original TV animation by Spider Lily, director Shingo Adachi, and story draft Asaura. DA (Direct Attack) is a secret organization that prevents crime. It is […]