Kobe’s largest street cosplay event! Cosplay event “Cozumel in Former Futaba Elementary School” Nagata-ku, Kobe | Kiss PRESS

Kobe’s largest street cosplay event! Date: Sunday, December 25, 2022 * Scheduled to be held from January to April 2023 “Cozumel in Former Futaba Elementary School” will be held on December 25th. No pre-registration necessary, reception system on the day. Centering on Futaba Gakusha (Kobe Municipal Regional Human Resource Support Center), the entire Shin-Nagata Minami […]


The Talent Boxing League is held, a regional team championship that aims to promote, organize and develop Olympic boxing in the national territory, to find the new champions of tomorrow. It is the beginning of a new era. www.talentleagueboxing.com https://www.facebook.com/talentleagueboxing @TLB_Boxing, #talentleagueboxing produced by Italian Boxing Federation, www.fpi.it Communication Agency – Artecopy: Creative Direction by […]

Spot Magic Meeting 2017

Spot Summary of the double day of the biggest “Harry Potter” Fandom in the country “Magic Meeting”. Motion & Sound made official coverage of the event for the second year in a row. If you want to have a video like this, contact us for more information —> http://msaudiovisual.com.ar/contacto/ Or directly write to us at […]

Spot Argentina Comicon 2018 – IX edition

Argentina Comiccon is one of the most important events in Argentine pop culture and one of the most anticipated. With two annual deliveries, 200,000 visitors, 6 pavilions, more than 200 exhibitors and 150 national and international artists on stage, essential events for adults and children came. Its family character and its variety of activities range […]

Alexa Moreno becomes an anime character

Alexa Moreno is still in style at Tokyo 2020 and has now transformed into a character from anime, this in a couple of commercials from Toyota. As part of its initiative “Star Your Impossible”, Toyota presented two spots where we see Alexa Moreno with the aesthetics of Japanese animation. In the first one, she meets […]

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Specialist Dr. Álvaro Miguel Carranza Montalvo, I am a tall, blonde, white skinned white practitioner, White Skin, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Life, Love, Sexuality, Sexuality, Sensual, Sexy, Sexy, Sensuality, Sex, Sex, Gender, Beauty, with Love, and Purity, Self Esteem, Confidence, Courage, Power, Psychic Power, Psyche, Love, Love, Life, Life, Purity, Compassion, Passion, Meditation, Elegance, Fashion, Link, Cool, […]