Finistere. Three good reasons to go to the Star Wars convention in Saint-Thégonnec

Universtar and its special Star Wars convention make their return to Saint-Thégonnec-Loc-Eguiner (Finistère), Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November 2021. Animations, cosplay (practice which consists in disguising oneself as a character in manga, video games, etc.), concerts, special guests… Fifty stands will be offered in the village hall. Here are three good reasons to dive […]

Hye-ran Yeom, “A beautiful and sad movie”… ‘Taeil’ successfully completed world premiere at Busan International Film Festival

Myung Film’s second feature-length animated film, ‘Taeil’, was officially invited to the 26th Pusan ​​International Film Festival and finished its world premiere. Actors Jang Dong-yoon, Yeom Hye-ran, and Jin Seon-gyu, who participated in the voice acting from director Hong Jun-pyo, attended the opening ceremony, first screening, and conversation with the audience, and spent an unforgettable […]

METROCON Star Parts 2017

Check out our Nintendo-themed comedy show from METROCON this year! Watch your favorite Nintendo characters take a trip to a haunted castle and get all sorts of spooked – and be sure to visit our website at for more information on upcoming shows!