Head of Microsoft Xbox: Continue to develop “stand-alone narrative games”_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪

The Translation Bureau is a translation team under 36氪, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing foreign new technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: Nowadays, creating a massive narrative game is more risky than ever.MicrosoftThe person in charge proposed that the game concept should put player […]

New on Netflix – July 2021

New on Netflix – July 2021 The streaming provider Netflix has announced its new additions for July 2021. The third season of the German young adult series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) starts on July 27th. Moritz suddenly finds himself there all alone and desperately tries to assert himself as CEO of MyDrugs. Biohackers […]

Mexican cosplayer plays Sam from Samsung

At present, it is already known what exactly it is Sam, which many thought would be the replacement for the voice assistant Bixby on mobiles Samsung. Despite what one might think, this creation of Lightfarm Y Cheil Agency never had such an intention. Actually, and as we shared before, the idea is that it was […]

Sam from Samsung became Alita

Who By EarthGamer | June 4, 2021, 3:18 PM If there is something that we know that can unite the world, it is good causes, as happened once with the good Tomiii 11, who brought together all Latin American gamers to fulfill a dream, however, there are other things that are a little more «artificial […]

Mutong Technology’s industrial and commercial changes: ByteDance’s Chaoxiguangnian becomes the sole shareholder

Original title: Mutong Technology Industrial and Commercial Change: ByteDance’s Chaoxiguangnian becomes the sole shareholder According to the Qicha app, on May 21, Shanghai Mutong Technology Co., Ltd. had a number of industrial and commercial changes, and Beijing Innovation Onezhou Investment Center (Limited Partnership) withdrewshareholderIn the ranks, a new shareholder, Beijing Chaoxi Guangnian Information Technology Co., […]

Thinking Unicorn_ Oriental Fortune Network

Original title: Thinking Unicorn | Weimob and Tencent Advertising jointly released “Tengmeng Project 2.0” and launched the data product “Tengmeng Rubik’s Cube”; Tesla’s vice president responded to auto show rights protection: it is impossible to compromise Overseas & Prying   AmazonCancel the development of “Lord of the Rings” online game: disagreements with Tencent According to reports,AmazonThe […]