Time to unload

Weekends in Kursk in energy-saving mode (or almost so). You know these super-active people who are already on a tour of local attractions on Saturday at 6 am. So, if you want the same thing, and the productivity reserve dried up around the middle of the week, then we offer a list of activities “for […]

Weekend, the best in Genoa and surroundings:

There is so much to do on the upcoming weekend between culture, entertainment, gastronomy and initiatives for all ages and tastes. Let’s check out our usual list of 10 must-see events, bearing in mind that here is the entire weekend calendar. For cinema lovers, at this link the programming in Genoese cinemas. For those who […]

The south of Augsburg immerses itself in the world of fairy tales

Bobingen, Graben, Großaitingen, Hiltenfingen, Kleinaitingen, Klosterlechfeld, Königsbrunn, Langerringen, Oberottmarshausen, Schwabmünchen, Untermeitingen and Wehringen from the Augsburg area and Obermeitingen in the neighboring district of Landsberg have been cooperating in various areas for several years and have the Lech-Wertach-Interkommunal association founded. Among other things, it offers shopping vouchers in the region with the “SonnenSchein”. The idea […]

[MZ세대를 잡아라] Anime Concert Goods… The theater’s efforts to catch the MZ generation

Lotte Cinema, Live Viewing ‘Army Bomb’ Succeeded[사진=롯데시네마] After the COVID-19 pandemic, theaters are going through a lot of changes. The theater, which once dreamed of having 200 million audiences, suffered a crisis to such a degree that the number of daily audiences fell to 10,000. The third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Theater goers are […]

% 2Bcosplay – Marche in Festa

Over the next seven days Open the calendar Selected for you Latest events entered Insights The most obvious strategies: the simplicity of presentation The vastness of the recreational sector nowadays allows you to experience truly stimulating and … MAM’S lethargic AVOID Mam’sospitaUnika The art of Val Gardena between tradition and avant-garde 21 January … by […]

Inside story revealed by director Cho of the Korean animated film “Beauty Water” | NIKKEI STYLE

The wave of growth in Korean content is spreading to anime. The animated movie “Plastic Surgery” that is being released is a unique horror work with the theme of the modern element of “plastic surgery”. TMS Entertainment, an animation production company familiar with the “Detective Conan” series, is paying attention to this Korean animation for […]