viral video | They recreate Túpac Amaru’s death and it goes viral: “the most realistic cosplay” | TikTok | Peru | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

July is the month where Peru celebrates its National Holidays and the activities include, among other things, the civic-military parade which is carried out in different ways in various cities and towns of the South American country, but, recently, it became trend the video where the death of Túpac Amaru, one of the heroes of […]

VIRAL VIDEO | Cosplayer Brings One of Naruto’s Characters to Life in Mind-blowing TikTok Clip | Brazil | Trends | Trends | nnda nnrt | OFF SIDE

Speaking of cosplay, the only limits that exist are those of the imagination and a fanatic of Naruto that lives in Brazil He demonstrated it by applying his talent to give life to one of his characters from anime inspired by the mangaka’s work Masashi Kishimoto with a video viral, which is causing the talk […]