Gadgets of the week September 12, 2022

We present to your attention: waterproof action camera AKASO Brave 8; portable Bluetooth speaker Renogy E.TUNES; a set of keycaps with Japanese anime elements, as well as other interesting gadgets. AKASO Brave 8 – 48MP Action Camera with Image Stabilization AKASO Brave 8 is a top-tier action camera that can record 48MP photos and videos […]

Black Summoner watch anime on

Release year: 2022 Duration: 23 min. Anime Rating: 8.9 / 10 (285 votes) Voice acting: AnimeVost, AniDUB, DEEDIE’S ROOM, OnWave, SHIZA Project, AniLibria, Amazing Dubbing, AniMovie, DubClub, AniStar Many Voices, Crunchyroll Subtitles 5 episodesOngoing 16+ 8.9 A high school student named Tsuguna was supposed to live a very long life in our familiar world, but […]

Cosplayer convinces as Ranni from Elden Ring

Cosplayers often put a lot of time, effort and money into their hobby. In their elaborate costumes, they sometimes even compete with the original characters. A cosplayer proves this with her performance as Ranni the witch from “Elden Ring”. My Ranni the Witch Cosplay! — Jessica (@JessicaNigri) April 3, 2022 Twitter user Jessica posted […]

Deyi Wenchuang: Through international IP authorization, we will deeply dig out our own original animation IP images such as Moriqing Shiguang and Wild Wukou_ 东方

Every time through the AI ​​Express, investors ask questions on the investor interactive platform: Your company is the first national industrial design center in Fuzhou, and the domestic A-share “first share of cultural and creative”. Designing derivatives for world-renowned IPs, can we in-depth excavate the images of our own original animation IPs such as Senqing […]