Xiangyuan Culture: Currently working on the project “Crazy!The second animated film “Gui Bao” is based on Sanxingdui_Oriental Fortune Net

Every time I pass the AI ​​Express, an investor asks a question on the investor interactive platform: As a small retail investor with long-term investment, I personally think that the popularity of the animation film and television created by the company is not so close. The two Chinese animation films that broke 1 billion yuan […]

Talking Tom: The cumulative downloads of the Tom cat family IP series mobile applications have exceeded 17 billion times_ 东方 Fortune.com

Every time through the AI ​​Express, investors ask questions on the investor interactive platform: The country has always encouraged multiple births. Will the multiple birth policy have a positive effect on our company? Because our IP crowd is children and parents. Regarding the country’s multiple births policy, we rely on big movies to expand the […]