Reproducibility is too high! Infectious Taruki & Jue Cold, “To Ribe” Sano brothers and sisters cosplay show “too real” and “best” voices –All About NEWS

Cosplayer Infectious Taruki updated his Instagram on March 13th. We have released a cosplay photo of “Tokyo Revengers” with Mr. Hakuroku. Mikey and Emma View this post on Instagram A post shared by infectious disease (@ tkk220) The popular manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”, which has also been animated and made into a live-action […]

Tokyo Revengers studio announces new anime

Within the world of anime, a very popular genre is Spokon, this genre refers to sports anime. Good examples of them are great works like Haikyuu !! or Inazuma Eleven. We also have pending the highly anticipated premiere of the anime Blue Lock, an adaptation that will be carried out by the 8-bit studio, the […]

A special version of the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” ED “Koko de Iki wo Breath” sung by Hina (CV: Azumi Waki) has been released! | PONYCANYON NEWS

TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” ending theme song, eill “Breathe here” A special version sung by Azumi Waki, who plays the role of Hina Tachibana, has been released. “Breathe here” became a hot topic when it included the feelings of chicks in the song, and this project was realized. Hina will be shocked by the 12 […]