The second collaboration with the TV anime “BANANA FISH” | | Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Official Website

2022/01/14 The second collaboration with the TV anime “BANANA FISH” February 14 (Month) to May 13 (Gold), 2022 ◇ Reservation: Reservations will be accepted on the official store website from 11:00 on January 20th (Thursday).* The reservation page is currently being prepared.* Reservations will be accepted in stages by dividing the period. Please note. The […]

Tokyo Futures: How Anime Predicts the Future Retrofuturism and Animation

Originally downloaded May 3, 2020 We continue our journey into the future of anime in the past with a look at the anime retrofuturism! OUR SUPPORT FOR PATREON: Related Content: Future Boy Conan .com / watch? v = lrYl4EPTyQM & list = PLEShCuQNJoQbp-ZctadwlElTZGVI2CNNJ Techno Police 21C Future GPX Cyber ​​Formula htt […]

Ghostin ‘- Vintage Anime 3D Aesthetic Test

As much in the internet community these days, I’ve been very obsessed lately with 80s and 90s “Magical Girl” Anime aesthetics! I wanted to recreate a 3D scene that presents all the visual clichés from that era: the mosaic buildings, the fallen leaves, the flowers that bloom instantly … And even though maybe there aren’t […]