One Piece Episodio 994 Streaming SUB ITA e ITA

Title: One Piece Type: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Superpowers Plot: Monkey D. Luffy is a dreamy young pirate who as a child has inadvertently eaten the fruit of the devil Gom Gom which makes him “elastic”, allowing him to stretch and deform at will, at the expense, however, of the ability to swim. […]

Ep164 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep164 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny works to listen with friends standing mud-mud tacos while Shank gets a bday steak and random search. Shoplifter drags shop staff and cars, drunk man steals taxis and crashes him into car parked cop, two people popping up for pimpin ‘teens, cop busted for up-skipping, string of bats Osaka […]

Ep160 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep160 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny is back from his Euro party trip while Shank is words about the growth of Tokyo Halloween destruction. Coffee maid gets jacked, Osaka couple snatches completely horny surfer, Hokkaido man’s mother found frozen, people shot for making mistakes as a deer, couple ditch 3 babies over 9 years, McDonald’s […]

Ep140 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep140 Got Faded Japan Podcast Bow before the Red Rid Faders! Johnny gets to fix his tacos while Shank returns to nature. Bear mauls search party after murder, teen runs up $ 54,000 table on dad’s credit card, 2-D girlfriend keeps company man on lonely drives, U.S. sailor busted for up-skirt in bus, man blades […]

Ep131 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep131 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny’s park party gets popped by politely polite 3 times while Shank battle ghosts in the new studio. 70-year-old karaoke singer yells at bomb threat in TV studio, man tries to kill woman with poisoned shoes, two Russian women ditch taxi and attack driver, man jacks Micky D for ¥ […]