Tokyo Newspaper

Spend four days in Tokyo during cherry blossom season with my friend, cinematographer Carlo Mendoza. Shot this little newspaper with a pair of Sony NEX VG-900 cameras. Music: “Get Up and Go” by Broadcast 2000

Ep139 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep139 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny walks about some sexy-time at the bar while Shank gets old and hangs out at a hipster party. Violence against station staff still “high”, porn star’s calligraphy goes for $ 95,000, young age blast with baseball bats, people buried under carport, car accident man after stabbing ex-wife, man throws […]

Ep159 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep159 Got Faded Japan Podcast Matt Cohen from Bags and Rides, SModCastle, The Nerdist and more join Johhny and Shank to talk about his first impression of Japan and of course, fu #% ing the news. Osaka principle claims sexual harassment is only 007 actions, coffee couple arrested for gang rape, senior murderer on the […]

Memories of Tokyo

A cinematic tour of Japan’s capital during cherry blossom season. Filmed through a week in April, showing the many figures of Tokyo – from bustling business streets to cosplay districts, urban girl-bands, robots & trains, peace parks, temples and temples, where cherry blossoms fall like snow . With thanks to the beautiful people of Tokyo. […]

Ep146 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep146 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny questions ladies summer fashion while Shank analyzes Japanese film labels. Bubble cop hotel ring orgy, wife garbage collection animated husband, patrol car found flame outside cop shop, 54-year-old doctor forcibly kissing jr. high school, patrol officers dizzy train groper, stolen senior persuaders, 16-year-old mountain classmate mercs and bodyguards. Got […]

Got Faded Japan episode 101

Ep101 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny and Shank are back with the news! Tokyo kitchen transgender and serving clean genitals, man busted for six hit-and-run in one day after smoking spice, man severs real estate agent’s arm off with katana, uni student arrested after choking AKB48 fans of stolen photos, police follow emails from women […]

Ep135 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep135 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny and Shank make an afternoon of fruity comedy drinks from the weekend of festivities. Wife crushed by fat cop, man cuts 1000 car tires the way they put, 4 teens go a crazy Orange mechanism, school flasher identified by sperm left in scene, women attack high school with blades, […]

Ep168 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep168 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny and Shank start New Year’s Eve festivities off early with a few brews with you, faithful Fader. Homeless thieves fake food phone bracelets, girls get revenge on boys for friends-add rejection, burglars steal run-n-tug bonuses, rocker stalker arrested over milk dam fan, Kanagawa cop popped in drinking stop , […]

Ep 126 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Ep 126 Got Faded Japan Podcast Johnny trolls a audio book rep while Shank trolls for a snot nosed skateboard thief. Woman arrested for running a geriatric home, a nerd-cat-copper conspiracy plot, 13 opera singers get trapped in an elevator, female bicycle cop NICK, basketball coach blamed for student suicide, 72 Osaka teachers admit to […]