Manga “Sousou no Free Len” decided to be animated. Visual release – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

(C) Shoto Yamada, Abetsukasa/Shogakukan/”Funeral Free Len” Production Committee It has been decided that the manga “Sousou no Free Len” by Shoto Yamada (original) and Abetsukasa (illustrator), which is being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (Shogakukan), will be made into an anime. Set in the world “after” the demon king was defeated by the hero and […]

Queen Bee | New single “MYSTERIOUS” to be released on October 26 | Opening theme for anime “Koumiya no Karasu” | Tower Records first-come-first-served bonus “First limited edition jacket design sticker” – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Queen Bee releases new single “MYSTERIOUS”! “MYSTERIOUS” is the opening theme for the TV anime “Koumiya no Karasu”! It will be released in two versions: a CD + Blu-ray limited edition, and a CD-only limited edition with a jacket featuring an anime design (limited quantity). Tower Records benefits First come first served:“MYSTERIOUS” first limited edition […]

Manga “Onna no Sono no Hoshi” Volume 3 Special Edition, Gen Hoshino & Mamoru Miyano Voice Actors Original Anime “Post-Recording” Report Manga 4P Leaflet Enclosed – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Volume 3 of manga “Onna no Sono no Hoshi” by Yama Wayama is released. The special edition includes an original anime Blu-ray disc voiced by Gen Hoshino and Mamoru Miyano. As a new benefit of the special edition, it has been decided that a 4-page leaflet (A6 size) will be included in the report manga […]

SUPER BEAVER | New single “Hitamuki” to be released on November 30th | Animation “My Hero Academia” 6th season OP theme |

SUPER BEAVER releases new single “Hitamuki”! The title song “Dedication” has been selected as the opening theme for the 6th season of the TV anime “My Hero Academia”. It is finished in a rock tune with a powerful message that affirms. Also includes “Secret -Acoustic ver.-“, which is an acoustic arrangement of the song “Secret”, […]

“That dress-up doll is in love TV anime official fan book Kitagawa Kaimu Shika Katsutan” released on September 24 – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

A fan book that falls in love with UmimuThe official fan book of the popular TV anime “Kisekoi”, which will not cool down even after the final episode broadcast, will be released! 5504788:L She is extremely beautiful, has a bright personality, and above all, is straightforward about what she likes!Comments and interviews with the original […]

Creepy Nuts, new single & album TV anime “Yofukashi no Uta” OP theme “Fallen” MV will be premiered today at 22:00 on August 4th. New Art Photos Released – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Creepy Nuts will premiere the music video for the new song “Fallen” written for the opening theme of the TV anime “Yofukashi no Uta” today at 22:00 on August 4th. Creepy Nuts / Fallen【MV】 This song depicts the emotions of a person who is irresistibly addicted to something, like a person “falling” in love, on […]

[July19202200:00~]TV anime “Love Live! Superstar !! ”2nd season broadcast start commemorative old poetry campaign held! –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

TV anime “Love Live! To commemorate the start of the second season of “Superstar !!”, an old poetry fair will be held! During the period, the TV anime “Love Live!” On sale at Tower Records Online. “Superstar !!” One Blu-ray will be given as a gift, “Stickers with jacket illustrations” (6 types in total)!Please get […]