Tomica’s first! The WEB animation “Tomica Heroes Job Labor Special Combined Robot” that transforms a real car into a robot will be distributed from April 22nd!Toys one after another !! | Dengeki Hobby Web

From Takara Tomy’s die-cast miniature car “Tomica”, “Tomica Heroes” will be released as a new hero series that accelerates the coolness of the car! As the first step, the WEB animation “Tomica Heroes Job Labor Specially Combined Robo” will be released on April 22, 2022 (Friday) on the official Takara Tomy YouTube channel “Takara Tomy […]

Eight days and seven board Mosaic culture: the current situation of non-operating capital occupation by the controlling shareholder_ 东方

Summary [Eight days and seven-board Mosaic Culture: current non-operating capital occupation by the controlling shareholder]Mosaic Culture released an announcement of stock price changes. The company’s main business income comes from IP derivatives, animation toys and advertising distribution business. The company currently has non-operating funds occupied by the controlling shareholder. The company’s stock has experienced a […]

BANDAI SPIRITS “HG Borderline Fighter Amaim Ghost” etc .: Amazon Hobby Hot Selling Ranking BEST10 | Dengeki Hobby Web

Today, we would like to introduce the top 10 best-selling products in the Amazon Hobby category! BANDAI SPIRITS plastic model “HG Borderline Fighter Amain Ghost” ranked in 5th place. In addition, “TakaraTomy Duel Masters TCG DMEX-17 20th Anniversary Super Thanks Memorial Pack Ultimate Chapter Due King MAX BOX” “Skynet Super Sound Invitation-kun Mini” “Kimetsu no […]

Enuri (Price comparison)

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[Anime Mashup] ~ Hero

(: Agree so, I FINALLY had a chance to recover this! I’m kind of happy with how it turned out. C; Lemme knows what’chu think ~ plzkthnx: D Anime / cartoon used: Higurashi (c) It of respective owners School Days (c) Over Flow Wolf’s Rain (c) BONES Toy Story 3 (c) Pixar / Disney Sonic […]