Bloodline unveiled anime premiere date

19.07.2022 Streaming service Netflix has shared on the official YouTube channel a new video on the film adaptation of fighting games Tekken. The anime is set to premiere on August 18, 2022. In the center of the story will be Jin Kazama (Jin Kazama), who from an early age has been practicing traditional martial arts […]

Shangri-La Frontier Lands Its Anime Adaptation

Isekai genre manga and anime are always on the rise. Although their number has only grown over the years and the plot is beginning to be figured out, the trend only seems to be diminishing. In 2023, an isekai genre manga will have its first anime adaptation and its name is Shangri-La Frontier. Credits: C2C […]

Release Date, Trailer, Plot – All the News

The return of Kageyama Shigeo alias Mob to the small screen has been eagerly awaited for three years. After a long drought, the franchise was once again in the news on May 12, 2022 on the occasion of Mob’s birthday. During this day, it was finally announced that season 3 of Mob Psycho 100 would […]

DanMachi season 4 unveils a new trailer

The year 2022 will have really brought its share of surprises in terms of novelties and incredible returns. Many animated series such as Bleach have been renewed and Dan Machi is in the lot. After a season 3 that left fans on their end, the franchise is back on the attack with its fourth season. […]

A trailer and a poster for Vinland Saga season 2

It’s been over a year since fans of the franchise Vinland Saga despaired of a return of the anime. Fortunately, this dream is finally materializing! The return of the Vinland Saga anime is becoming clearer and it’s not pure speculation. After a long time of silence, the franchise has finally come out of its silence […]