Cosplay, Show, Event – gamescom Saturday 2014

Another year passed and another day at gamescom 2014 ended. A new compilation from all the cosplay, shows and events. So many of the cosplayer legends this time. As always thanks to everyone for posing or running by my camera ^^. Used Equipment: EOS 550D and EF-S 17-55m F2.8 Steadydrive HD 2000 Music by: disfigure […]

| Bioshock Infinite | Cosplay Short Promo |

Chilean cosplayers Cody Laffertte y Marilyn Delacour showing Booker and Elizabeth at Bioshock Infinite. Short Cosplay produced by AlcanMedia. Production: AlcanMedia y Arval Photography. Director: Pedro Pablo Alcántara. Concept: AlcanMedia. Post Production, Editing and VFX: AlcanMedia. Music and Sound FX: AlcanMedia Assistant Director: Lu Quercia. Producer Line: Pablo Croquevielle. All rights from “animals” (Nico Vega) […]

Britain: A Cosplay Island Trailer

A trailer piece for a student documentary, based on a young man’s first trip to an anime convention in the UK. Due to completion in June 2009 this light-hearted documentary will provide an insight into how cosplay and convention can influence even people from outside the community. Filmed aside at the Northampton Park Inn during […]

Shaman King 2021 would be a Netflix exclusive

Not only does the remake of the Shaman King anime have a Japanese release date, it is revealed to be a Netflix exclusive. Who expected to see Shaman King 2021 through Crunchyroll The Funimation they may be disappointed. I say this because on Wednesday afternoon two videos of this new version of the original series […]