How to choose a trendy manicure according to the horoscope for autumn – 2021 – see photos – Style

Nail art, neutral tones, delicate pastels, prints or all the colors of the rainbow – turn your nails into mini canvases for self-expression this fall Habit Cosmetics manicure design / Photo: Lots of combinations, minimalism, neutral shades and bold abstractions … Trends trendy manicure in the fall of 2021 just impressive. Repeat options like […]

The Russian woman cosplays Scarlett Johansson so that the actress leaves the chat. Even fans can’t tell a clone from a Romanoff

The blogger shot a cosplay for Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow, and fans of Scarlett Johansson couldn’t believe their eyes. Even a devoted fan will not be able to distinguish a girl from an actress. Maybe this is the same Russian original? Nickname tiktoker content kate_johansson (Katrin Shumskaya) usually got no more than 200 thousand […]