Wayne Hills Ventures attracts investment from One & Partners affiliated with Golfzon

Wayne Hills Ventures, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, announced on the 30th that it had attracted investment in Bridge from One & Partners affiliated with Golfzon. Wayne Hills Ventures is developing an algorithm that extracts dictionary meanings from text and voice data with AI technology and automatically converts them into digital content by combining images, […]

[정치][팩트체크] Kim Gun-hee’s 5 representative false history controversies

[열린라디오 YTN] ■ Broadcast: YTN Radio FM 94.5 (20:20~21:00) ■ Air date: December 25, 2021 (Saturday) ■ Host: Kim Yang-won PD ■ Conversation: Song Young-hoon, news top reporter * The text below may differ from the actual broadcast content, so please check the broadcast for more accurate content. [팩트체크] Kim Gun-hee’s 5 representative false history […]

Teabing’s first original animation ‘Shinbi Apartment’ ranked first in non-entertainment paid subscription contribution

The first original animation of online video service (OTT) Tving proved the competitiveness of original content. ‘Shinbi Apartment Special Edition: Vampire of Light and Child of Darkness’, released on the 22nd, achieved the first place in the number of paid subscription contributions among non-entertainment original contents as of the first day of release. The special […]

Wayne Hills Ventures attracts 2 billion won investment from Halla Holdings… “Enhance video synthesis AI”

Wayne Hills Ventures, a start-up in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), announced on the 23rd that it had attracted 2 billion won of strategic investment from Halla Holdings. Following the recent Series A investment, the bridge recorded a cumulative investment attraction of KRW 10.1 billion through strategic investment. Wayne Hills Ventures, a startup in […]

Disney+, Marvel’s first animated series ‘What If… ?’ open on the 15th

Disney+ Animated Series ‘What If…?’ [디즈니+ 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지] Disney+ announced on the 14th that Marvel Studios’ first animated series ‘What If…?’ will be released on the 15th (Korean time). ‘What if…?’ is a novel reinterpretation of the huge events and stories unfolding in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), depicting the whimsical and […]

Anyone can easily create webtoons… Empathy Media develops webtoon production tool ‘V-Toon’

Gonggyong Media (CEO Lee Jae-hoon), a content producer ‘ was developed on the 12th. V-Toon, developed by the Jeonnam Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Jeonnam VR AR Production Base Center, Venture Startup, Startup Growth Project, Realistic Content Minimum Survival Product (MVP) production support, is a VR webtoon background that can simplify the webtoon production […]