“UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE” will be held on October 3rd! Simultaneous distribution at “Tokyo Game Show 2021” | Game information site Gamer

“UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE” will be held on October 3rd! This year as well, we will hold it as an online event “UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE” delivered online, not as a real event! A variety of title presentations and the annual cosplay runway. We will prepare and deliver a variety of other programs. In addition, […]

Labyrinth exploration RPG “Soul Tide” for smartphones will be delivered in Japan in 2022! Introducing the world view, story, and exploration system | Game information site Gamer

This work is a dungeon exploration RPG with a summoner as the main character. The player discovers the secret of the witch based on the hints obtained while solving the mystery and the case. In addition, the visual adopts Live2D. You can summon girls with a wide variety of attributes drawn in a beautiful art […]


PNICOMPANY animation Character education, emotional coaching, nature observation and singing and! now a fairy tale It’s time! The story of dolls who solve problems by making their own performances! When the lights go out in the room, the real world of dolls begins. airing channel domestic MBC Disney Junior TV Chosun SK Broadband MBC Disney […]

TV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2” Life-sized panels of Tokai Teio and Mejiro McQueen are being announced exclusively for AmiAmi! | Game information site Gamer

TV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2” life-size panel Reference price: 27,500 yen each (tax included) Release date: Scheduled for November 2021 Brand name: Zext Works Material: 7mm styrene board Printing: Full color printing From the TV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2” comes a life-sized panel! It is an item with an […]

The image character of “Tenhime Contract-Final Princess-” has been decided by Moe Iori! “Moe Moe Summer Festival” is also held | Game information site Gamer

Moe Iori, a popular cosplayer, has been appointed as the image character! Moe Iori, a very popular cosplayer, has been appointed as the image character for the “Tenhime Contract”. Interviews will be released, so fans shouldn’t miss it! Join the summer festival event and meet Moe Iori by scooping goldfish! Please check the official Twitter […]

Report on Crest Gaming’s female e-Sports team “Crest Gaming Iris” presentation!Rika Amane, Nori Otonashi, and Renchimu talk about their enthusiasm for the activity | Inside

Today, May 28th, an online presentation of the professional e-Sports team “Crest Gaming Iris” was held. This is a team of female players newly established by “Crest Gaming”. At the recital, Rika Amane, Nori Otonashi, Renchimu, who have decided to participate in Crest Gaming Iris, and Riran, a gamer talent, will appear. He talked about […]