The path of run / coll

I had the pleasure of directing episode 3 of the first season of this web series, alongside Matteo Beltran. Passionate about cosplay, an unlimited imagination and many manuals, he made all his costumes himself for several years. His site “” lists all his finest works. For 1 year he engaged in the adventure of the […]

EX Episode 2-Neo Arive

James (James Cunningham) lives a typical life of anime, manga and slaking in everyday life: inevitably causing him to be late for everything. The real world counterpart helps stop the beginning of a multi-universe catastrophe at the hands of darkness. EX is a web series based on super heroes.Directed and created by James A Cunningham

How can I buy a Green Pass on the web

How do I buy you a fake Green Pass on the web (On Wednesday 28 July 2021) The introduction of the much desired QR code to be able to enter many stores and also to move in total safety has given digital criminals a new market to explore. and there is something for all tastes […]