VTuber Kizuna AI’s anime “Kizuna no Allil” will be broadcast on TV in 2023-KAI-YOU.net

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber)・Kizuna AI(Kizuna AI)’s animation “Aryl of Bondswas announced to be broadcast on TV in 2023. A visual drawn by illustrator En Morikura, who worked on character design for Kizuna AI, has been released. In addition, an official website and Twitter have been opened. Currently, VTuber love-chan, who was born from Kizuna AI-san, continues […]

“Mushoku Tensei” Roxy is in front of you! Cosplayer Momo Taiga “I did my best to pose!” – KAI-YOU.net

cosplay eventIkebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival 2022was held at the end of October. This event, commonly known as “Ike Haro”, is one of the largest events in Japan where many cosplayers and photographers gather. A street parade was held for the first time in three years, and the number of visitors recorded a record 125,000 people.Unemployed […]

DIY anime “Do It Yourself!!” that is not just a high school girl makes you think about the intention of the screen – KAI-YOU.net

Originally, animation is a technique to make images look like they are moving.. Unlike live-action images, in which the camera is pointed at the subject and shot, it has the characteristic of being difficult to include coincidences that happen to be reflected. By drawing or CG techniques, the images created by the creator with some […]

Akira Itsuki and Anzura Sakura appointed as official cosplayers of Cosplay x NFT “Curecos” – KAI-YOU.net

Cosplayer platform “Curecos”Of the popular cosplayers to the official cosplayersAkira ItsukiMr. Miss,Anzu SakuraMr. Miss,LatteMr. Miss,KururuMr. Miss,Runa YukinoIt was announced that five people would take office. Along with the appointment, a campaign is being held for one week from October 20th (Thursday) to October 26th (Wednesday) to win an original NFT if you support with paid […]

“Emperor Jashin” invades the “Duema” official tournament! Athletes dressed in cosplay play games at the delivery seat – KAI-YOU.net

On October 1st and 2nd, the TCG “duel Masters](Abbreviation: Duema) Official Tournament “Duel Masters Grand Prix 2022 (DMGP2022)」。 About 3,700 players gathered and held under the sponsorship of Hobby Station, a TCG specialty store operated by Arclight. The 7th qualifying round of the second day was held in the “original” format (rule that only 40 […]