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Original title: Going to the “new” and “heart” in a different kind of discipline propaganda

Source: Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection

  Since the beginning of this year, the renewal of the leadership of our province, cities, counties, and townships has begun one after another. Strengthening the publicity and education of the disciplinary change, letting party members and cadres know that they are awe, abiding by the bottom line, and keeping their fears, and effectively enhancing political awareness, awareness of discipline, and rules are the key to ensuring the smooth, healthy, and orderly development of the change. This is also one of the important contents of the inspection and supervision carried out by the inspection and supervision team of our province’s first round of provincial-level ethos.

  recently,The “Incorruptible Sichuan” special news correspondent was fortunate to join the second tour inspection team and went deep into Nanchong and Guang’an to carry out inspection and supervision work. During the inspection, it is obvious that the disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels have done their best to carry out extensive publicity in a three-dimensional form of “offline + online”, in a language that the masses can understand, understand, master, and remember. The central, provincial, and municipal policies and disciplines related to the change of term have been “sent” to the streets and alleys and in the fields, making the change of office work deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  Next, let us follow the lens in our hands and intuitively feel those“Soil, dew, and heat” the publicity site for the change of discipline.


  The Nanchong Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in conjunction with the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee issued the “Several Measures for Nanchong to Strengthen the Supervision of the Ethos of the Renewal to Ensure a Clean and Upright Ethos” to further tighten the disciplinary requirements for the renewal.The Supervisory Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has produced to strengthen the supervisionThe “20 Measures” micro-animation was promoted in the mainstream new media of Nanchong, and made every effort to create a clean and upright atmosphere.


  Xujia Town, Peng’an County, Nanchong City, in accordance with the requirements of the supervision of the general election of the county and township, vigorously publicizes the discipline and work requirements of the provinces, cities and counties through the issuance of the “understand card” and the discipline of the change of school, so as to pass the clean wind and righteousness to the most basic level. Let ordinary party members and the masses know about the discipline of the election, understand the requirements for the election, and maintain the atmosphere of the election.


  The cadres of the Disciplinary Committee of Jinping Town, Peng’an County, Nanchong City went to the Ximen community of the town to publicize the relevant requirements for the party members in the community.


  The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Yilong County, Nanchong City organized township (street) leaders to watch the warning education film “Mirror Mirror”.


  In order to earnestly choose the election discipline and create a clean and upright atmosphere for the election, Guang’an City hasCreated 10 vivid cartoons on the theme of “Ten Prohibitions”, and said “No” to the violation of discipline by “man”.


  The Supervisory Committee of Linshui County Commission for Discipline Inspection of Guang’an City insists on education first, warning first, prevention first, and produces serious disciplinary animation videos, and promotes them through graphic and lively animation forms.The “Ten Prohibitions” disciplinary requirements for the change of term will be widely known by the cadres and the masses, and everyone will be supervised, so as to jointly create a clear and upright environment for the change of term.


  The cadres of the general supervision and supervision team of Linshui County, Guang’an City went deep into the fields to collect clues about problems in the process of re-election work, and promptly accept reports of violations of the re-election discipline to provide strong disciplinary protection for the re-election work.


  Guang’an Huaying City Joint Supervision Team went deep into the field to preach the change of discipline and collect clues about the change of discipline.Author: Cheng Zongjunfordraft: Nanchong City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Guang’an City Commission for Discipline Inspection


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