Tao Tsuchiya cosplays as “Uma Musume” !? “Winner” and “Cute Transcendence” in the horse ear photo –Maijitsu

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Tao Tsuchiya, a popular actor, posted two photos on his Instagram on July 18th. One of them is a “cosplay photo” in the style of the popular smartphone game “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”, which has been receiving a lot of attention online.

In this day’s post, Tsuchiya wearing a yukata appeared on the first piece. “It’s hot in Tokyo today too !!! Please be careful about hydration so that you can feel the heat outside even if you are near the window”, along with comments that paid attention to the fans, and topics related to yukata and horse racing Touch.

He also mentioned that the voice actors who appeared in “Uma Musume” appeared on the July 17th broadcast of the music program “Shibuya Note” (NHK), which he is the MC of, in connection with horses. Then I cut out “Lovely # horse girls came and I saw that figure and I got a similar figure …” and put a horse ear on the second piece. I was uploading a cosplay photo.

“The cosplay photo posted by Tsuchiya is a promotional poster for Yushun Himba (Oaks) held at Tokyo Racecourse on May 20, 2018. The poster is wearing horse ears and wearing a pink outfit. The lovely figure of Tsuchiya who wraps up and poses like lying down. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the character of the original “Uma Musume”. “(Entertainment writer)

Quality recognized by “Uma Musume” fans !?

The people who saw Tsuchiya’s cosplay photos were amazed at how beautiful they were. Not only her fans, but also the fans of the game were surprised and online,

“Tao Tsuchiya’s horse girl is so cute! I have a strong image of being beautiful now! 》
《Tao Tsuchiya, both yukata and cosplay are super cute》
《Tao Tsuchiya, a horse girl full of smiles, seems to burst her heart》
《Tao Tsuchiya looks the same as Uma Musume, and it’s very valuable when you think about it! 》
<< This is a legendary horse girl. I've come to like it》

And so on.

Tsuchiya, whose past cosplay photos have been a big hit. It may not be long before she appears in the game of “Uma Musume” as a special character.

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