Team 7’s mission has ended … and now?

Boruto’s team managed to save the Hokage, but the Leaf still has its days numbered!

The latest great revelations made by the anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have changed the cards a lot, leading the viewer to the realization that certain enemies they hoped never to see again are in fact far from out of the game. As we expected, the key to all of this seems to be karma, which is now established to be a tool through which the Otsutsuki guarantee their survival even after the death of their body.

Although we had actually already obtained clues in the past, for example during the clash between Naruto, Sasuke and Jigen, it was actually the fight between the new Team 7 and Boro that confirmed it definitively. After having almost completely defeated the Kara Organization’s inner, in fact, an unexpected event arose has seriously endangered the lives of the young shinobi. It was to free the boys from the tragic situation the Momoshiki manifestation, thanks to which our characters were able to completely eliminate the villain and bring Naruto back.

It was the Seventh Hokage thereat stake more relevant than the clash. On the other hand, the characters had decided to face Boro just to save him, and in the end they managed to get him out. Despite having suffered some injuries, Naruto was able to return home safe and sound, finding, among other things, also Sasuke in excellent condition.

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