Tele 5 celebrates “Die Jury”, Maxx about “Konosuba”

25 years under our belt and not uninteresting. Tele 5 showed the John Grisham film “The Jury” at prime time on Friday evening, thus securing unusually high market shares, especially among young audiences. The strip achieved a market share of 3.6 percent – a figure far above the norm for the broadcaster. A total of around 490,000 viewers were interested in the film from 1996. 2.3 percent were measured in the overall market. The film “Big Bad Wolves”, which was shown from 11:20 pm, finally returned to normal levels, bringing Tele 5 1.3 percent in total and 0.8 percent for 14 to 49 year olds.

ProSieben Maxx was also well on the way on Friday evening. The anime film “Konosuba! Legend of Crimson” was shown there at 8:15 pm. In 2019 it was produced in Japan. It achieved an average of 1.8 percent market share in the classic target group. 0.10 million viewers were between 14 and 49 years old, that was the overwhelming part of the audience, because overall the broadcast had a reach of 0.11 million. Shortly after 10 p.m., the anime series “The Promised Neverland”, also coming from Japan, followed, which drove up the quotas for its three-pack to 2.6 percent in some cases.

The men’s channel DMAX took a little on Friday evening to get going properly. In other words: from 8:15 pm the “Alaskan Bush People” had a market share of just 1.0 percent in the classic target group, an hour later “Naked Survival – moved out into the wilderness” got 1.7 percent. From 10:15 pm the “Moonshiners – Die Schwarzbrenner von Virginia´” celebrated a wonderful success with already 2.6 percent, before another hour later “Moonshiners – Master Disteller” even 4.1 percent market share among the 14 to 49 Yearlings imported.

DMAX secured a daily market share of 1.7 percent among the courted. The strongest specialty program on Friday was meanwhile Nitro with 2.2 percent (from 18:25 clock about a “all under one roof” double pack with 4.5 and 4.1% was popular), also ZDFinfo shone with exactly two percent daily market share. The most watched ZDFinfo broadcast on Friday was “Rätsel North Korea” from 6:20 pm with 0.24 million viewers aged three and over.

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