Teracrystallization may have been introduced more than 23 years ago in the Pokémon anime

The next title Pokémon Scarlet and Purple brings with it a new mechanic called Teracrystallizationin cui i Pokémon take on a glowing crystal appearance with modifications and upgrades to apply in battle. Well, this mechanic may have already been used in the series many years ago.

The user Twitter, PokeBeachposted an image showing a Crystal Onyx in episode 87 of the anime Pokémon in 1999, 23 years ago. Here, Ash and his group of friends encountered a special crystal Onix, resistant to water-type attacks, but weak to fire-type attacks. Although it is not exactly the same concept as Teracrystallizationhas some similarities.

Other fans have indicated that this Crystalline Onyx is more of a reference to regional variants than the new mechanic introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Purplealthough there are similarities between the two.

here is the tweet so you can judge for yourself:

Terastallizzazione in 1999.: p pic.twitter.com/3y0kEARFyF

– PokeBeach.com 💧 (@pokebeach) August 3, 2022

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