The 5 best and 5 worst anime based on visual novels, according to MyAnimeList

Visual novels are a type of video game originating from Japan that features an interactive story told largely in text form. The player makes decisions while reading the story, but most of the time the story is told, and their decisions sometimes give different endings for each character.

The anime world has been adapting these arguments for decades. Sometimes it spawns some of the most memorable anime series of the past decades, while other times not so much. Not all adaptations are going to be a golden idea, of course.

The 10 worst: railway Romanesque

This series is based on the visual novel Maitetsu, which was published in 2016. The story follows an alternate history of Japan in which rail remains the most important mode of transportation.

Due to its importance, each train has a humanoid AI known as the Railord. Rail Romanesque It is about the city of Ohitoyoshi, which celebrates its first festival in which both the Railords and their human masters meet. Quite an interesting idea, but the show feels rushed and underdeveloped.

9 best: clannad

The Clannad original helped ignite a new audience of slice of life fans. It begins with the high school student Tomoya Okazaki meeting a young woman named Nagisa. What starts out as an accident turns into the two of them meeting and falling in love.

Tomoya goes from being estranged to helping Nagisa regain her school’s drama club, where he spends more time with her, getting to know her. What makes this series work is the interpersonal relationships, as although they can be a bit tropos, it is still attractive to see them interact, leaving readers hooked until the end.

8 Peores: Wagamama High Spec

Set in the student council of the Ousui Academy, the biggest problem of Wagamama High Specis that it exists primarily to drive the visual novel. It’s about pretty girls doing a lot of nice things, because the biggest problem is that the main character of the normal series doesn’t it appears in this anime.

Instead, it’s about all the girls who have fallen in love with the protagonist, and what they do when he is away. It’s a unique premise, but the show doesn’t do anything fun with it.

7 Mejor: Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works

The remake of the original series Fate/Stay Night. It has taken almost a decade, but the popularity of the franchise Fate it cannot be denied. To the anime’s credit, this time they nailed it.

The story is about Shirou Emiya and his partner Saber, who are involved in the Fourth Holy Grail War, a huge pitched battle between magicians and their servants. Can Kind Shirou win it all?

6 worst: Ozmafia!

This visual novel is about a young heroine who finds herself in another world, trying to avoid being killed when she is dragged into a mafia family. Soon he faces war between multiple gangster groups, trying to survive and see peace.

Now it would be great if the anime was about this and it could have been an entertaining otome visual novel anime, but it is not. The anime of Ozmafiais a series of shorts that has nothing to do with a plot that already works, but is a comedy anime.

5 Mejores: Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate, a popular visual novel, would become one of the best-known anime among lifelong anime fans. It begins with Rintarou Okabe trying to create his own laboratory to invent high-tech gadgets.

He recruits several people to join him, and they generally believe nothing, until they invent a special microwave for telephones that can send messages to the past, altering time. From there, things get wilder and wilder, and viewers are swept up in great animation and storytelling.

4 Peor: Day

Combine magic, super-powered soldiers and Nazis, and you get Day of wrath. It’s a highly regarded visual novel turned into a horrible television series.

Nobody knows what is going on in most of the movie because the plot is poorly explained. And although the animation can be good at times, most of the time it is based on CGI, which is not very well done. It does not achieve anything that cannot be found in other better series or the visual novel.

3 Best: When They Cry – Kai

One of the most popular visual novel series, When They Cry : Kai is the summer 2007 sequel to the original When They Cry. Animada por Studio DEEN, When They Cry : Kai is a suspense series that follows the story of a young woman named Rika Furude.

Rika struggles to survive in a recurring summer, trying to find the answer to save not only herself, but her friends from a villain who commits murders all over town.

2 worst: Lime-iro Ryuukitan X

This series looks like a copy of a much better series, Sakura Wars. Here, things are centered on the Russo-Japanese War, and the focus is on a group of high school girls with the ability to summon armored aid known as Raimu.

The group achieves some impressive feats with their Raimu, but the focus is on their new leader, who joins the group in hopes of being able to defend Japan as well.

1 Mejor: Clannad After Story

One of the most popular anime series of all time, based on one of the best visual novels of the 2010s. Clannad: After Story starts right after Clannad, and is about Tomoya and Nagisa and their developing relationship.

The two begin to grapple with what it’s like to grow up outside of high school, and they get a glimpse into a relationship that goes beyond most typical anime series. More tearful than the original series, it represents one of the best stories offered by the romantic and vital genre.

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