The Alice theme course – Seasonal Continuation – Year 3

Written by Efterskolen Epos on the video on Facebook: The role of learning to play Alice: Here comes the film of this school year (Years 3 – 17/18). It is from the theme course Alice (inspired by Alice in Wonderland): A group of fairy tale characters wake up in a sanatorium and say that fairy tales are arrogant that they must learn to analyze and interpret in order to get well. But which world feels the most real and alluring characters themselves: fantasy or reality? This 2-week course is designed by Danish professor and storyteller Mads Lund, who before Epos taught narratology / storytelling at the University of Southern Denmark. In the teaching team were: Katrine Palsgård Lundstrøm, Trine Agergaard Jensen, Morten Søndergaard Gøgler Petersen and Anton Storm Wich. Anton was also the voice of the film. The film is produced by our film wizard Simon Andersen, who we had the pleasure of working with throughout this school year. Simon is now starting his own film production company and we can highly recommend him. Alice is played by our epoch Olivia Binding.

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