The anime comics of Dragon Ball Z

On their official social media pages, Star Comics editions announced the imminent release of the Dragon Ball Z anime comics – The Super Saiyan of the Legend, the mythical non-canonical feature film that saw Goku face Broly.

Dal June 29, 2022Dragon Ball Z The Movie – The Super Saiyan of the Legend – Anime Comics will debut in Italian bookstores and comics shops, based on the eighth animated film in which he made his Broly first appeared on screenthe most powerful, evil Saiyan Legendary.

One of the fandom’s most loved films, returns to Italy in a new guise. In this single volume entirely in colorreaders will be able to faithfully relive the arduous battle to save the universe from the greatest threat ever encountered before by the Z Warriors.

With the ongoing serialization of the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Ball by Star Comics, this booklet allows you to deepen one of the most beautiful stories of Akira Toriyama’s work. The Z Warriors are on the hunt for a mysterious fighter who has single-handedly destroyed the entire southern galaxy. Meanwhile, a mysterious surviving Saiyan founds the planet Neo Vegeta and asks the Saiyan prince to sit on his rightful throne. Let us know with a comment in the box below if you will recover this unmissable booklet for all fans.

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