The anime guy sent a figurine and unlocked the postmen phobia. After all, when the toy came to life, there was no time for jokes

In Thailand, the post office thought they were delivering a package with an anime figure, but they were in for a surprise. Yes, such that there was only one way out – to get away. It is not surprising, because the toy turned out to be alive, three meters high and not very much like a waifu.

The contents of postal parcels are not always harmless. Sometimes postmen want to scream in fright, as, for example, service employees from Thailand, writes Yahoo News.

The package was supposed to contain a valuable anime figurine.

At first glance, a standard parcel got to one of the post offices in Bangkok, which at first did not arouse any suspicion among the service workers. The sender, whose name was left unnamed, wanted to send a valuable large-scale anime figurine.

This is what the unknown indicated in the note that he attached to his box.

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Careful! She’s very expensive, ”the man wrote as accompanying information.

The alleged figurine was tightly packed in a small cardboard box wrapped in duct tape, and seemingly nothing out of the ordinary could happen. Probably, the employees of the postal service thought so, until, while sorting the parcels for delivery, they noticed a torn corner at one of the many.

Instead of a figurine, there was a living three-meter python in the box

Then the postmen realized: the box, it seems, is not at all what they think. A moment later, the head of a live three-meter python appeared from the package, which gradually began to get out of its captivity.

Many employees were confused and could not figure out what to do next. One of the postmen did not waste time in vain and immediately called the rescue team, because it was almost impossible to cope with the dangerous guest alone, and it was very risky.

Experts quickly cornered the snake. If the rescuers had delayed, the python could well hide among the numerous boxes with parcels and complicate the task. Although the guest turned out to be quite aggressive, her slowness and large size did not play into her hands (tail).

While one of the volunteers was holding the reptile by the head, a colleague tried to put the animal in a bag. The Zmeelovs promptly dealt with the dangerous live parcel and very soon took the lost guest to their usual conditions, leaving the postal employees with their mouths open in amazement.

Later, the post office administration conducted their own mini-investigation to track down the sender. This was the only way the employees could find out if the transportation of the snake was deliberate under the guise of an anime figure or purely by accident.

Perhaps the sender actually put a snake in the package, hoping that no one would check the box, but the python turned out to be too curious. One way or another, the post management preferred not to disclose the answers to all these questions.

If confusing a snake with a figurine is quite difficult, mistaking a python for a watering hose is quite likely. Farmers from the United States did not expect to see a dangerous reptile instead of a garden tool, but life decided otherwise.

But some snakes are not at all afraid and, on the contrary, start them at home as an alternative to cats and dogs. Summer Seeley taught her pet python to open the door. True, netizens were more frightened than amused by such skill of the creature.


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