The anime universe is growing on Netflix: these are the firsts that will arrive in the coming months

For years, Netflix has promoted anime creations in every genre possible to the delight of its audiences. The fair platform

One of the juiciest sections of Netflix is ​​its constantly renewing anime universe. The next few months promise a very interesting streak of titles: Mechs, kaiju, sci-fi horrors and more.

Netflix announced this week new features in this genre that will put a lot of teeth to more than one. With posters as terrifying as the one from the Exception series, the platform makes sure to catch the attention of a large audience. An art teaser in which the monster looks at us with a threatening air, born from the hands of the artist Yoshitaka Amano de Final Fantasy.

On the Netflix program, the closest premiere is that of Godzilla. It’s a kaiju series that debuted in Japan earlier this year and is now making the jump to the next Netflix catalog. June 24 in English. The Geek section of the platform warns with a simple message for fans to prepare.

These are the best Netflix horror movies of 2021. All of them are currently on the video-on-demand streaming platform and are recommended.

A few months later, the August 9 and 26, two series of manga will arrive. The first is Shaman king, is the start of a series of shamans who fight to become kings, a simple story to complete with lots of action. The second is the science fiction manga Edens Zero, an anime whose protagonist is a boy who can control gravity.

Samurai could not be missing from this list, the company shared an image from the series to attract audiences through the art style. In order to Samurai soul the release date is not yet known. The description shows us an adventure in true Lord of the Rings style, “Izo, a Ronin, and Raiden, an orc, work to bring a young elf and the wand she leads to the land of the elves in the north.”

Also with a simple picture and a sentence, Netflix manages to generate enough intrigue that we are aware of the release date and more details on Make my day: “On a cold planet of ice and snow, mysterious creatures suddenly appeared from the subterranean darkness and began to attack the inhabitants.”

This content is so important to Netflix that it has created YouTube and other social media accounts where it can feature trailers, commercials and other curiosities about its increasingly important anime submissions in its range. streaming catalog.

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