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Octopuses, octopuses and roller skates are the protagonists of the 80s anime of the new appointment in our column. Hard to believe that these are the elements of a cartoon that tells the fight of the terrestrials against the umpteenth evil aliensi, yet that’s just what Muteking brought to the small screen in the early 1980s.

Muteking is one of the greatest hits of the eighties Tatsunoko Production. Directed by Seitarô Hara, the anime that boasts as a character design the master Yoshitaka Amano, and has also achieved great success in Italy as well as in Japan where he was born. However, it will surprise you to discover that, unlike many other anime of those years, the story is not set in the land of Japan, but in the United States.

Muteking: the story of the anime

Linn and the meeting with Takoro

No headquarters in Japan this time. Muteking – despite the constant Japanese music in the background – is set in San Francisco, America (cities that later, however, they will leave to move to Japan). The protagonist of the story is the young man Linn, a 12-year-old with a passion for roller skates (which he never takes off!), and with a father with an obsession for aliens. When one evening the man actually spots two UFOs, his life and that of his son change drastically. In fact, the meeting with Takoro, a cute little pink octopus who explains that he came from space precisely to prevent the Earth from falling into the hands of an evil enemy.

The Piovra brothers

Takoro from the distant planet Tako. He is the deputy sheriff of the local police and he came to Earth because the evil Octopus brothers they managed to leave their planet, heading towards the earthlings aiming to conquer them. Only by arresting the Piovra Takoro brothers will he also be able to become a sheriff.

The meeting with the Piovra brothers arrives, on the other hand, from the first minutes of the first episode. They are three identical brothers – if not for the build which is different – with long mustaches and dark glasses. They are the leader Takokiki, Takomaro, Takosaku and their younger sister: the charming Tacoma. The latter, very different in appearance and behavior from the three funny and bad brothers, will take a crush on our young protagonist when she, however, she will take on the features of Muteking.

Who is Muteking?

But when does Muteking arrive? So far we have listed the series of protagonists but no trace of our hero. Well, in reality we have already presented Muteking because he is none other than the young Linn.

muteking nemici

When it starts the clash between Takoro and the Piovra brothersthe deputy sheriff uses his powers to give turn Linn into Muteking. He will be the main aid in the battle against the enemy during the 56 episodes of the anime. Muteking has the appearance of an American skater: his costume is red, yellow and blue and he wears a pair of roller skates, Linn’s signature feature. Finally, his weapon is an extendable rod with which he defeats the Octopus Brothers.

Farewell to San Francisco

In the battle against the Octopus brothers and their henchmen – a team of evil octopuses who begin to paint the whole city black – Linn / Muteking is also equipped with special weapons. One of them is Disco Hottoke, a gigantic robot who rushes in case of danger. The battles between the two fronts begin from the first episode of the anime and see Muteking always ahead of the funny enemies. Unfortunately, episode after episode, the protagonist fails to inflict the final blow on them, so the four always manage to escape and get away with it, reappearing with a new plan.

In the course of history, however, there are important turning points for the plot and its protagonists. One of these is the transfer of our protagonist to Japan when his mother, Koaru, the San Francisco police chief, is sent there for new duties.

The end

Thus we arrive at the final bars of the anime Muteking. After a long series of clashes between Takoro and our hero on one side and the Octopus brothers on the other (in the meantime, the beautiful Takomi fell in love with Muteking, despite her being her enemy), the final battle arrives. This time Muteking scores the coup de grace and Takoro manages to capture the Octopus brothers. But good news follows bad news. Now that he has succeeded in his mission, Takoro must leave the Earth to return to his planet. This means leaving Linn, who has now become her best friend.

The sad note, however, is immediately dismissed. In the very last moments of the anime, Tako’s police chief announces to Takoro that, as a reward for his efforts, he will take care of the patrol on Earth. This way he can be with his friend Linn forever.

muteking finale

Muteking: curiosities and considerations on the anime

A war with amusing tones

Muteking is an anime that transports us to the center of yet another clash between aliens and terrestrials, the tone, however, is far from the serious, sometimes tragic one, found in souls in which aliens and robots fought each other in the 80s. The tone that pervades Muteking is indeed light, funny, often downright bizarre. Inevitably remember anime like yattamanor again The predators of the timewhich we told you about just a few weeks ago.

Certainly the most bizarre are the three Piovra brothers, characters whose humor is already underlined by appearance. One tall and slender, another plump, the other still short and stocky; yet all three with the same face. It certainly doesn’t help to take the ‘war’ between the two sides seriously that the henchmen are funny octopuses and the deputy sheriff is a little pink octopus. If we add to this the fact that often the protagonists, good and bad as they are, out of the blue they sing Japanese songs (even when we are in San Francisco), even the last glimmer of seriousness in history disappears.

Journey between two cities

Certainly a peculiarity of the Muteking anime is the fact that the story makes us experience two different realities: the American one in San Francisco and the Japanese one. The story begins in the United States and the desire of the designers is precisely to let us capture the soul of this city. In fact, up to episode 32, the various are underlined peculiarities typical of the western world and the customs in vogue there in the 80s. It is no coincidence that the protagonist constantly turns on roller skates, beloved in America in those years.

When Linn and his family, from episode 33 onwards, move to Japan, the scenario that enhances the Japanese traditions and its landscapes very different from those seen up to that moment also changes.

It reboots

Perhaps not everyone knows that the success of Muteking in the 1980s led to a reboot a few decades later. Announced in 2019, the Tatsunoko Pro and the agency HoriPro International have confirmed the debut of Muteking the Dance Hero for 2021. Last year, the hero returned to the screen with 12 new episodes, during which our protagonist returns to San Francisco and prepares to face new enemies and adventures. (Below you can find the trailer)

Muteking: the theme song of the anime

The Italian theme song, entitled “Muteking”, is sung by I Condors.

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